Gift Wrapping: Balloon Pop

This week we have a few great posts to share with you.  We’ll be showcasing some new and creative ways to wrap presents.  We thought we’d start the week off with a POP and show you how to make our balloon pop gift wrap. Who says opening your gift can’t be as exciting as the actual gift itself? And what’s more fun than having to pop a balloon to get to your gift?
We found a 36″ balloon that has a large enough opening to fit a small box or card. Gift cards, jewelry, or other small gifts will fit well. Put the item in the balloon before blowing it up. Blow the balloon to the desired size, tie, attach some ribbon with a ‘pop me!’ tag, and remember to attach a safety pin.


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    This is an ADORABLE idea. Maybe tying a thread around the item would be a good way to go. That way it won’t fly away and get lost when the balloon pops. So cute and creative! Love it.

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