DIY: Cake Stand

This week is full of DIY ideas to create your perfect handmade tables-cape at your next party. Today we’re sharing our idea for a terrarium style cake stand made from a wine glass and glass plate. This simple project makes a beautiful statement on any table and can be used for any occasion.  The bottom of our cake stand  makes a great display for any treasure that can fit inside.

We started with  a wine glass and glass plate from IKEA and  special glue made for bonding glass.

Cake Stand Supplies

This glue dries clear and fairly quickly.  It is also dishwasher safe, which is  a big plus.

After washing and drying thoroughly both the plate and glass we applied our glue according to the manufacturer’s directions.   Our plate had some ridges on the bottom making it easy to identify the center, which helped when we set it on the wine glass.  This glue dries clear, which gave us a room to be a bit messy when we lined up our plate and glass.

We then applied pressure for 60 seconds. To add additional pressure (and help seal the bond)  some of our favorite books helped us. We then let it sit with the books on top overnight. Our glue said it can take up to 16 hours to finish bonding the pieces.

We got our cake stand ready for a spooky story we’re hosting with a mini pumpkin and shredded paper. It was easiest to set the pumpkin and paper upside down and then flip the cake stand over.  We’re already thinking of filling it with an LED tealight and fall leaves for a Thanksgiving table and making it look like a mini snow globe for winter celebration. We’re going to have a new display for every celebration!

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    I make cake balls and this would be a really cute display for them.

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