At the end of the party all of the girls artwork was put on display and the parents were invited to the gallery showing. 

This amazing party was designed by the very talented ladies over at one charming party. Go here to learn how you can re-create this great party!

At the gallery showing we had cupcakes, fruit, cheese & crackers, and sparkling cider.

Our rainbow cake was made by dividing 2 cake boxes into 8 different bowls. Using food coloring, we colored each bowl a different color of the rainbow. Bake each cake separately for about 8 minutes. Once cakes are cool, you can layer them using white frosting between each layer.

While we were busy setting up the art gallery, the girls got to try their hand at the art of face painting.
At the forth art station the girls made clay birds using clay, feathers, and eyes.

At the third art station the party guests each made an artist profile.
At the second art station the girls did a watercolor painting of a floral arrangement.
At the first art station the girls made marbled art paintings using shaving cream and food coloring.
When guests first arrived they started making paper chains. It was a great activity to have the kids do while they waited for all the party guests to come. The chains were later used as decorations at the art gallery showing.
Supplies: pre-cut paper strips (ours were 1″x 8 1/2″) and glue sticks.

When guests first arrived they were greeted by a welcome sign along with lots of art supplies and books.

A ‘happy birthday’ double-sided rainbow banner hung from the doorway.

We also hung rainbow streamers from the ceiling.

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