Birthday Traditions:: Photo Album

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Even with all of the beautiful photo books you can make and design online I am still a sucker for an old fashioned scrapbook with photos.

Start a “Birthday Book” in your family.  A photo album or scrapbook just for birthdays.  Every year add a new page with a special birthday photo (or two) .  You can even include other special items from the day such as a party invitation or card.

Arrange the pages by year or if you have more than one child arrange them by ages for example putting all their 3 year old birthday pictures together.

It will be nice to keep all the birthday photos together so your whole family can have a fun time seeing how everyone has grown over the years.

We hope you enjoyed our week of birthday  traditions.  Check back later today for a sneak peek of an elevencupcakes bridal shower that we’ll be sharing over the next two weeks.


Birthday Traditions:: Balloon Surprise

Ever since I was little I have loved balloons. I don’t know what it is- that they are brightly colored, that they float, or that they liven up any birthday celebration. When I found this idea on Crafty Giggles, I was in love. This wil definately be a tradition when I have kids. On your child’s birthday eve, rent a helium tank and fill up tons of balloons to tie around their room. On the morning of their birthday, they will wake up to a bright, balloon filled room. How fun!

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Birthday Traditions:: Breakfast in Bed

Happy New Year everyone! My birthday is on New Years day, and my mom always did a great job of separating Christmas from my birthday. Every year she made sure the tree was down and all the Christmas decorations were put away so that we were just celebrating my birthday. One of my favorite traditions was breakfast in bed. Every year on our birthday morning my mom would wake us up with a tray full of yummy breakfast food. And the best part? We got to eat in our beds! I think that was always my favorite part. You can also have a special ‘Birthday Plate’ that you can only use on your birthday. We also got to pick our birthday dinner that night. My favorite birthday dinner was always Beef Stroganoff and homemade French Silk Pie. Yumm.

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What fun birthday traditions take place at your house?

Birthday Traditions:: When You Were Little

This comes from a birthday tradition at my house.  My mother kept a handwritten journal through most of mine and my sister’s childhood.  She wrote down  things we liked to do, milestones we had, our favorites in just about everything.  She also had our father write an entry every so often as well. I don’t know how she found the time to do this, but I am so glad she did.

For as long as I can remember (and still on birthdays to this day) my mom reads us a short passage or two from our baby journal.  Usually there is a lot of laughter as she reminds us what strange and silly children we were when we were little.  Our father died when we were fairly young so it is always very touching to see his handwriting and read his thoughts from all those years ago.

If you don’t already keep a journal start! Every year the journal has become an even more treasured tradition and a truly wonderful gift.