Warm Up With Hot Chocolate

If you live on the east coast chances are, like me, you have spent the last 3 days hunkered down in your house waiting out winter storm Jonas. Having grown up in Minnesota, I am mystified by people’s reaction to snow here. The little amount of snow (or chance of snow) it takes to shut down the Federal Government- and therefore my office- is humerous. If schools in Minnesota shut down every time it snowed, I would never had made it through elementary school. I realize that because it is not as common here, there aren’t as many plows, and there isn’t anywhere to put all of the snow, and snow is scary. In the midwest we have plenry of wide open spaces to plow the snow until it eventually melts. In April. When it finally stops snowing.

I made the mistake of running to Target Friday morning, along with two million other people who were very concerned about the impending storm. If I was going to be stuck inside all weekend, I needed tissue paper to start making tassel garland for an upcoming party. Luckily, tissue paper is not a snowstorm staple. If I had needed bread or bottled water I would have been in trouble.

All that to say, what better way to spend the snowstorm than with your own hot chocolate bar! I put together this hot cocoa bar for a Christmas Party back in December. Guests had a great time creating their own perfect hot chocolate concoctions.

Hot Cocoa Bar Ideas via elevencupcakes #11cupcakes #redeemerdc #hotcocoa #warmupHot Cocoa Bar Ideas via elevencupcakes #11cupcakes #redeemerdc #hotcocoa #warmupHot Cocoa Bar Ideas via elevencupcakes #11cupcakes #redeemerdc #hotcocoa #warmupHot Cocoa Bar Ideas via elevencupcakes #11cupcakes #redeemerdc #hotcocoa #warmupSome of the hot chocolate add-ins and toppings included french vanilla and peppermint syrup, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, crushed peppermint sticks, white chocolate chips, regular marshmallows, peppermint sticks, caramel, whipped cream, sea salt, and chocolate sprinkles. It was delicious!

Happy Planning,

Family Christmas Card

Every year my mom tries to find time to order our family Christmas cards and  write an update letter to friends and family. This year I thought I would save her some time and came up with this ‘year in review’ Christmas Card. I saw one similar on minted’s website, but I couldn’t customize it the way I wanted, so I made one myself. It is now available here.

Holiday Gift Ideas:: Party Banners

This week we will be sharing some fun gift ideas- all party related, of course! Whether you are giving or receiving, these multi-purpose gifts are fun for many parties to come!

I often find myself searching for streamers and crepe paper at the last minute to add some fun and color to a party room or dessert table. A while back I started buying re-usable party banners and garland. Not only can you use them again and again, but they look better than paper or crepe paper. Felt is a great option- it stores well and doesn’t leave creases. I would suggest buying a color that matches lots of party themes. I find myself using white, blue, and red in almost every party.

Felt Bunting from Felt Robot on Etsy

Felt Garland from Steph loves Ben on Etsy