Confetti Guess: When guests first arrive, give them a slip of paper and a pencil for the confetti guess. Fill a jar with an assortment of candy and have each guest guess how many candies fill the jar. The person with a guess closest to the actual number wins the entire jar of candy!


Balloon Pop: The balloon pop is a great game for children of all ages. Have each party guest blow up a balloon and, using ribbon or string, tie it loosely to their ankle. When you say “Go!” guests have to try and pop each other’s balloon’s without getting their own balloon popped. The last person with a balloon left un-popped is the winner!
Make sure to download the complete cupcake & confetti party guide by clicking here!


Let party guests decorate their own mini cupcakes. Using the recipe from our party guide, we baked these in mini muffin pans. Provide a bowl of frosting and plenty of sprinkles. Tipping the cupcake upside down, swirl in a bowl of frosting. Remove and dip in a a bowl of sprinkles. 

You can download the complete party guide with everything you need to throw your own cupcake and confetti party by clicking here!


Party Food: Keep food super simple for this party. We served circle sandwiches, fruit balls, and cupcakes. Just make sure that everything is circular. Easy breezy.

Party Punch: Who says punch can’t be filled with confetti, too? We froze grapes and blueberries (so they will float), and added them to our confetti punch. Any fruit juice added to seltzer water will work well.
Make sure to download our free party guide by clicking here for all the great party details!
You don’t need to have a birthday in order to throw a great party. This adorable cupcakes & confetti party is perfect for a summer afternoon get-together, a girls sleepover, or a snow-day activity. We have included everything you need to re-create this party for yourself. Download our free party guide by clicking here for great pictures and instructions for the full how-to. We have also included a party prep timeline to make sure your party goes smoothly!
You can now download this Cupcake Party Guide for free by clicking here!
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We are super excited to announce our very first party guide; Cupcakes & Confetti! You can now download this party guide for free! It includes everything you need to throw your very own cupcakes & confetti party, including instructions, pictures and advice. You also get all of the printables for this party, such as invitations, cupcake toppers, and more! We hope you have as much fun throwing this party as we have had planning it. Let us know what you think!
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