easter: egg decorating

This Easter we decided to decorate our eggs a little differently than the regular food coloring dye bath. We decided to have an egg decorating party decorating these eggs with crayons! We set the table with our supplies and of course because it was an elevencupcakes party we served cupcakes. These delicious cupcakes featuring our April cupcake toppers were from Bleeding Heart Bakery.

We hard boiled a dozen eggs and got out the crayons and the drawing begin. Drawing on the still warm recently boiled eggs creates bold colors and a painting like experience. We used upside-down dixie cups as a pedestal making it easier to color on the eggs.

Happy decorating!

easter: egg guess

After Easter brunch, entertain your guests with a fun guessing game. Before your guests arrive, fill an easter egg with small items that you find around your house (toothpick, paper clip, staple, push pin, nail, etc.) Tell your guest that the egg is filled with 23 items and have them write down on a piece of paper what they think is in it.

Once everyone has written down what they think is in the egg (we set a 2 minute time limit), take the items out one by one. If someone has the item on their list, they get a point. The person who guessed the most items wins! This game can also works at a kids party or family gathering.

The items in our egg included: cotton ball, ribbon, key, screw, bobby pin, penny, altoid, floss, jelly bean, nail, paper clip, button, fortune cookie fortune, lint, battery, twisty tie, cough drop, earring, pop tab, push pin, safety pin, rubber band, and a stamp. 23 items in all!

easter: thumb print chicks

Thumbprint art has long been a favorite of ours. It is another great craft that requires very few supplies(paper, markers, stamp pad), but the possibilities are almost endless, which means keeping kids creating for hours. If you don’t have much experience with thumbprint art we recommend “Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbprint Drawing Book”. It is full of ideas and instructions sure to inspire some wonderful thumbprint pictures.

This Easter we thought making thumbprint chick place cards would be a great way to get the whole family involved in setting the Easter table.

We had our little ones stamp their thumbs on a white piece of paper, added the simple beaks, eyes & feet then cut them out and attached them to our place cards. Little ones will love stamping their thumbs even if they cannot draw the faces and older kids will love doing both. As you can see from the picture above you can really get creative making eggs, bunnies, or even hatching eggs.

To give our chicks some grass to stand on and have help our place cards stand upright we colored clothespins with a green marker and then clipped them to the place card.

Be sure to visit us tomorrow for another fun Easter activity that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

easter: cupcake liner flower tutorial

April showers bring May flowers, but with these you don’t have to wait another few weeks. We love these cupcake liner flowers because they are easy to make, last forever, look great, and you most likely have all the supplies around the house.

To make your own floral display of cupcake liner flowers you’ll need:

  • 6-8 cupcake liners
  • 1 chenille stem
  • something to poke holes with (We used a ball point pen.)

1. Get your supplies ready.
2. Poke 2 holes through all the liners about 1/2 inch-3/4 inch apart. No need to measure, just eyeball it.
3. Put your chenille stem up through one hole then bend it down through the other. You might be able to do all the liners at once, but if you’re having trouble do a few at a time.
4. Leave about a 2 inch tail of chenille stem after you’ve pulled it through both holes in all of the liners.

5. Twist the short stem around the long one. This holds your flower in place.
6. Flatten out the cupcake liners. A quick way to do this is turn the flower upside-down with the stem pointing up and smashing the cupcake liners down with both hands.
7. Using your fingers fold up the liners one layer at a time. Crinkle, fold, lift up, whatever looks good to you.
8. Make more & enjoy your blooms.

We used white liners and felt they needed a bit more color. To help make them pop we edged our stack of liners with a stamp pad before starting. These blooms look great in bunches and they’re so easy to make you’ll want to make a ton. Below you’ll see we created an Easter display using paper mache eggs as vases and some Easter grass.