IMG_4799You can create a simple, cost-effective dessert table for your party anywhere! We set up this Elmo party on a kitchen island.

1. Clear off the counter!


2. Hang a fun piece of fabric as a backdrop behind the table or counter.

3. Hang balloons from the ceiling over the dessert table. We found these polka-dotted balloons at Hobby Lobby, and added a marble to make them hang down straight.


4. Use colorful dishes and trays for food and desserts. We made a cupcake stand using plates and mugs in our red & blue colors.


5. Hang up a birthday banner and you’re done! Now you are ready to set out your food and let the party begin!




Using silver trays that I found at the dollar store, I spray painted them a fun aqua blue to match the rest of the party decor. Be sure to always spray paint outside as the fumes can become a bit much. I also wouldn’t recommend putting food directly onto the trays unless you use a sealer. I used the spray painted trays for milk and treat cups, so no food was actually touching the paint. All of the party printables for this Elmo’s World Party are available in our etsy shop!




Our Elmo Party was a little last minute and I didn’t have time to order colored treat cups, so I had to get creative. I found these plain white cups at Party City. Using the flat eraser on a pencil, I used craft paint to polka-dot them in the red and blue colors of the party. They were great for carrots and dip at the party, and the kids even ate the carrots!





I have had lots of people write asking me where they could find these tiny milk bottles. So today I am sharing my secret. Ready…IMG_4812

They are actually glass latte bottles that I get at Target! 


I know that some people have started selling similar ones on etsy, but this way you get the bonus of having to drink the lattes first :) I wash them out and remove the plastic wrapping, and you’re ready to go! Before adding the milk, I dipped the end of the bottle into water, and then into a bowl of blue sprinkles. Add our Elmo water bottle labels and a cute straw (also being sold at Target now) and you are ready to go! Enjoy!


This week we will be sharing some fun DIY projects for your Elmo Party- stay tuned!

DIY Polka-dotted Backdrop: After searching high and low for a polka-dotted fabric that I could use as a backdrop for this Sesame Street Party, I finally decided to make my own. I think it will be a great backdrop that can be used over and over again.


Supplies: 2 Yards White Polyester Fabric (You could also use a heavy cotton)

6 bottles fabric paint (we used red, orange, yellow, green, teal, and blue)

6″ circle stamp (I used the the top to a lotion bottle)


Lay the fabric on a flat surface and put newspaper or vinyl underneath so the paint doesn’t run through. I started with the top row and alternated between 2 colors. Because my ‘stamp’ was a plastic circle, it didn’t always give the best coverage, but I didn’t mind the look. You can use a small paint brush to fill in any missing holes if you want your circles to be completely covered. Once one row is done, move on to your next 2 colors below it, alternating again between the two. Continue until you have a large enough backdrop to cover your entire dessert table.

Elmo Party; Food

I don’t believe that you have to spend a lot of time and money to throw a great kids party, and a huge part of that is keeping party food simple. It also helps to serve food that you can prepare beforehand. For this Elmo’s World party, we served pizza bagels, carrots & dip, watermelon slices, goldfish, cupcakes, and milk. Don’t be afraid to prepare food a few days beforehand to take some of the stress out of the day of the party.

This week we will be sharing all of the pictures and ideas from our recent Elmo’s World party. We turned an ordinary kitchen island into a colorful party table by making this polka-dot backdrop. Add in balloons, festive table-wear, and lots of party food for a great ‘Elmo’s World’ kids party!

Elmo and his favorite food- pizza.

Customized Elmo’s World Party Hats

This party is brought to you by the letter E and the number 2.

A vintage grover holding a cupcake topper.

Next week we will have all of the fun details to our latest Elmo’s World Party, along with some fun DIY ideas for your party! Have a great weekend!