gift wrapping: handmade bows

Our final gift wrap idea of the week comes from How About Orange, which is one of our favorite blogs.
 Jessica Jones wrote up a great tutorial on how to make a gift bow from a magazine page.  All you need is a magazine page, staples, and glue dots (we used double sided tape, which worked too).  Her great instructions inspired us to make a whole batch of gift bows out of all different kinds of paper.

Here are the bows we recently made:

Whenever we have an interesting piece of paper that is at least  7″ x 11″ we’re going to save it for the next time we make a batch of gift bows.  Thank you How About Orange for the great tutorial!

gift wrapping: recycled wrapping

We are always trying to think of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle when it comes to celebrating.  Today we have two ideas to do just that when it comes to gift wrap.

We gave these 3 bags a makeover  so that they could go from shopping bag to gift bag.  Our finished creations gave our presents an extra special touch. 

A friend returned some dishes in this beautiful bag. It was easy to cover up the store’s name on the bottom with some striped paper and white ribbon attached with adhesive. Orange tissue paper completed the wrapping for this birthday gift.

For an upcoming bachelorette party we gave this shopping bag a quick makeover with some colored paper, ribbon, and paper flower sticker.  We didn’t even have to take the gift out of the bag as we gave it a makeover.  The store’s hot pink tissue worked perfectly with our embellished bag.

Using scrapbook paper, a photo, alphabet stickers,  and some ribbon were all we used to upcycle this bag. By punching holes in the top of the bag we were able tie it tight so that there would be no peeking. 

Our other idea to share with you today is to un-wrap any upcoming presents you might be giving.  Some nice ribbon and a lovely card can be just as nice as wrapping paper for some occasions.  In the picture above we’re sharing several examples.
To wrap the thank you gift we added a letterpressed card and wrapped some raffia around the gift card box to finish.
The congratulations gift is has a 3 inch strip of scrapbook paper wrapped around the otherwise plain box.  A hand made congrats card on top was the final touch.
Both the book and dvd were wrapped with simple ribbon in coordinating colors to the gift.

We hope these ideas will inspire you to incorporate some green ideas into your present wrapping and we would love to know what green wrapping ideas you have too!

gift wrapping: origami present toppers

Origami objects make great present toppers and add a lovely handmade touch to your gift.  There is an object for any occasion and present. 

paper heart

We added this origami paper heart and ribbon to a Bed, Bath, and Beyond box for an upcoming wedding shower using the coordinating wedding colors of course. Adding stickers to the heart with the initials of the bride and groom-to-be finished off our wrapping.

butterfly fish

For the next Ocean ONEderland party you attend, or really any beach or ocean themed event, why not top the box with an origami butterfly fish?  Our little yellow fish was embellished with a googly eye and then attached it to a present wrapped in blue paper.  For an extra special touch we added some paper seaweed and a seashell birthday card.


Finally to let a friend know just how sweet they are we made an origami cupcake to go on this thank you gift. The pompom cherry adds an extra special touch. If you make your own paper cupcake be sure to use double-sided paper.  It looks much cuter when your cupcake top is a different color than the liner.

 All of the origami patterns came from origami club. The heart and fish were made just as the patterns suggested, but the cupcake was made by making a few adjustments to the shortcake pattern.

Happy paper folding!

Gift Wrapping: Balloon Pop

This week we will be showcasing some new and creative ways to wrap presents. We thought we would start the week off with a POP and share how you can make this balloon pop gift wrap. Who says opening your gift can’t be just as exciting as the actual gift itself? And what’s more fun than having to pop a balloon to get your gift? We found a 36″ balloon that has a large enough opening to fit a small box or card. Gift cards, jewelry, cash, or other small gifts will fit. Put the item in the balloon. Blow the balloon to the desired size and tie it closed. We added some ribbon with a POP ME! tag and a safety pin.

Balloon Pop gift wrap, unique gift wrap, graduation gift wrap

Balloon Pop gift wrap, unique gift wrap, graduation gift wrap

Balloon Pop gift wrap, unique gift wrap, graduation gift wrap

Happy Planning,