harvest party

We rounded up some Harvest Party posts from last year. Just beause Halloween is over doesn’t mean there still isn’t time to throw one of your own!  Click on the picture for the link to the original post.

harvest party stations; face painting

another idea for a great activity station is face painting. anybody can grab a paintbrush and try their hand at easy works of art such as flowers, balloons, and butterflies. at a party where the kids will be dressed up, it is fun to be able to add to the kids costumes.

harvest party stations; pumpkin toss

When I was little my brother and I used to watch bozo the clown. This pumpkin toss game was inspired by the ball toss game at the end of every show. With plastic pumpkins from target, have the kids toss ping pong balls into the pumpkins, with them lined up getting farther and farther away from each other