popsicle party: food

At this spur of the moment get together we had a simple menu of light appetizers and the popsicle bar.  We kept the food on the savory side because there were so many sweet frozen treats for guests too eat. 

We had mini tacos and guacamole, chips and fresh corn salsa, and crackers with veggie dip.  We labeled all the food with pink popsicle tags so quests knew what they were munching on.  We also used a popsicle note to let guests know that many other drink options could be found in the fridge, where they would stay nice and cold.  We kept the popsicles unlabeled so that people were encouraged to try something new.

We made a popsicle bar on the table by setting out three beverage tubs full of ice, which we then filled with our favorite kinds of popsicles.  A personal favorite were raspberry creamsicles a refreshing and creamy summer treat. 

We’ve loved putting this party together because it can be hard in the warmer months to get friends to come over to our non-air conditioned condo.  The promise of cool drinks, yummy eats, and frozen treats got everyone together for a great time.

Something learned at the party: you can never have too much ice!

popsicle party: decorations

As we mentioned yesterday the color palette for this party was hot pink, neon orange and purple.  Using wrapping paper in white and orange we covered our table and buffet.  The tablescape was further enhanced with paper orange popsicles, which matched the popsicle garland hanging by the windows.

We added some color to our  otherwise plain white cups with crepe paper and raffia. Food was served on purple and pink flower plates and our popsicle buffet tubs were decorated with popsicle ribbon. Finally coral colored gladiolas added an elegant touch on the buffet.

popsicle party: invitations

This week we’re sharing an easy to put together idea for a summer get together: a popsicle party.  We invited friends over to have a favorite frozen summer treat, or even bring a box of their favorites to share.

We made these invitations in Microsoft Publisher making our own striped popsicle out of text.   We then backed them on hot pink and neon orange paper.  Hot pink, neon orange, and accents of purple serve as the color palette for our party.   We sent the invitations out in orange envelopes and printed out the addresses in purple.

We’ve got three posts from this party to share with you.  Check in tomorrow for our popsicle party decorations.