postcard party: activities

The postcard party featured three activities for guests: a map asking where everyone has sent a postcard from, a photo booth, and a crafts table set up for making & writing postcards.

The most important part of this party was found in the dining room. Guests were welcome to sit down and make a postcard (or two or three). Making them was easy, but deciding who to send them to was hard.

While guests loaded up their plates they were invited to put a star on the map wherever they have sent a postcard from. This sparked conversation about all the places we’ve been and want to go to one day.

Guests were as pretty as postage stamp in this photo booth.  A stamp frame was made out of poster board and guests were welcome to come give their best postage stamp smile!

We hope you enjoyed this feature on our Postcard Party.  We’re already thinking of the theme for our next crafting night party.

postcard party: food & drinks

At this party we served small sandwiches, dips, and some desserts.  For drinks we had iced tea, white wine,  and sparkling juices.

Everything was labeled with a tiny postcard made of card-stock and given a postcard themed name such as “Airmail Macaroons,” “See You Soon Salsa & Spinach Dip,” “Special Delivery Sweets,” and “Postage Stamp Sandwiches.”  The postage stamp sandwiches were three different kinds of tea sandwiches.

Our mini cupcakes were decorated with cupcake toppers made from vintage red and blue international stamps. The macarons were from Sugar Fixe in Oak Park, Il.

postcard party: decorations

The main decoration  was of course postcards. Using blue and white clothesline and clothespins  postcards were hung in every room.  Postcards from America were hanging in the living room, international postcards were hung in the dining room, and postcards featuring water were hung in the bathroom.

On the postcard bunting in the living room “stamps” were made out of paper and old business cards and spelled out postcards. The same “stamps” were used on the front door replacing the regular apartment number.

Using the classic airmail colors of blue, white, and red when additional pops of color were needed, like with the vintage state glasses on the mantel.

postcard party: invitations


The invitations for this party were of course a postcard! Using a photograph from a local park in the village where the town was being held and some photo editing on picnik we created a vintage style postcard for Oak Park, Illinois.

 A second photo was edited for the backside and  the two photos were attached using adhesive.
We considered typing in all of the party information while using picnik, but an important part of a postcard is the handwritten message.