Keep lunchbox’s from getting sent home with the wrong child with these great name tags! We found these clear luggage tags at The Container Store. Download the free template here.

We made this simple calendar by framing this monthly calendar in a 12×12 frame, which we spray painted a fun teal color. Use a dry erase marker to fill in the dates and important info for the month on the glass. At the end of the month, simply wipe off with a wet cloth and start again.


Sending your child to school with a love note is a great way to brighten their day.  We’ve been leaving little messages or silly faces on napkins and foil wrapped food for some time now.  This only works for students who take a lunch to school, but our favorite students don’t always bring a lunch so we thought of another way let them know we were thinking about them: pencil pennants!

We’ve recently been sneaking note or two into a pencil case, when our favorite students don’t take a lunch.  We made some paper pennants that when taped to plain pencils make this basic school supply way more fun!

After cutting some 1″ wide paper pennants (1.5″ pennant with a 1″ tail for wrapping around our pencil) we wrote our message using a fine point black marker. We wrapped our pencil in a little bit of double sided tape and then wrapped our paper pennant around that.  After putting the pencils back in their case we were finished.

This quick little project is sure to bring a big smile!  Another way to bring a big smile to your child’s face is to make a special back to school dinner! Friend of elevencupcakes, Megan, at Drinks, Dinner, & Dessert has a back to school dinner menu that is sure to please both kids and adults!

This year instead of just sending out a basic contact list why not send each child home with a “facebook profile” sheet for the all the families. All that’s needed is a picture and a pen!

At the beginning of the school year you meet so many different people that when you have to call them to arrange play-dates, set up class activities, or ask a question it can be difficult to put a face with the name.  A more complete “profile” for each family including a picture would help make this easier.Our sample sheet, which you can download here has space for a family photo and then a place for other important contact information. Ours has a line to list the names of the people in the student immediate family, other important people such as daily caregivers (like nannies, baby-sitters, grandparents, etc), a space for hobbies, skills and secret talents, and finally some lines to include any other important information.

The space for hobbies and skills is a great place for families to put any extraordinary skills they wouldn’t mind sharing with the classroom and could come in very handy when you need to find someone with a specific skill set to help out with a class or school event. For example it would be great to know if anyone is an avid crafter or sewer when you’re looking for costume help for the school play. It It would be also nice to share with the other families what is the best way to contact you. Many parents prefer communicating via text message or email rather than a standard phone call.

After each student has turned in his or her sheet make a copy for everyone and send them home with their very own classroom “facebook.” It can make getting to know each other a lot simpler!

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With Labor Day just around the corner most students will be heading back to school very soon or even have already started the school year by now!  We’ll have some great posts this week with project ideas to welcome in the new school year.  We hope you enjoy them and don’t forget it’s not too late to throw a School Years Eve Party!

Today we have a question for you: What are some of the things you do or have done to welcome in the school year?

With just an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper and our template students can make their own 8 page mini yearbook!

These mini yearbooks feature a page for some of the student’s favorite memories and best moments, what he/she is looking forward to next school year, and even a page for autographs.

This project is simple to make and will be a great keepsake through the years.

To make:
Download & print the mini-yearbook template by clicking here.  
Make a copy for each student/party guest


1. Fold the paper in half width-wise.
2. Fold each end to the middle; dividing the paper into quarters.
3.  Now fold it in half again to make one strip.
4. Fold the strip in half length-wise.

5. Unfold the paper and then fold it half again (like in step 1).
6. Make a cut in the paper halfway. The creases will tell you when to stop.
7.  With the text on the outside push the ends together to make a cross.
8.  Your yearbook is assembled! The star should be the cover page and autographs should be the last page.

The fun of filling in the pages writing and drawing can now begin.
We know everyone will enjoy thinking of all the wonderful memories made this year!