Here are more of the pictures from the back to school ‘School Year’s Eve’ party I threw for two of my favorite kids in the world. Enjoy!

With only a few weeks left of summer, now is the perfect time to start planning a ‘School Year’s Eve’ party for your children and their friends!

We’ve updated our ‘School Year’s Eve’ Party Guide with fun new printables this year! For the next two weeks, our Party Guide is on sale for 50% off! Check out the new invitations, cupcake toppers, time capsule sheets, and school year’s resolution sheets, which are all included with the 21 page Party Guide with everything you need to throw your own party at home.

Our complete customized ‘School Year’s Eve’ party guide is now available in our etsy shop! This 26 page ‘magazine’ includes step by step instructions and details on everything you need to know to throw your very own ‘School Year’s Eve’ party! The best part is that this party guide includes all the printable you will need, customized to fit your party! We have included custom invitations, cupcake toppers, party hats, time capsule covers & info sheets, school box game guess forms, and ‘school years resolution’ pages.

End your back to school party with this ball drop piñata! We have included a step-by-step guide so that you can make your very own piñata that looks just like the New Year Eve ball. Fill the piñata with plenty of school supplies and give each child a turn to break it open! Our complete ‘School Year’s Eve’ party guide will be available later today!

Our party guide includes a full tutorial on how to make your very own countdown cupcakes, as well as ‘Happy School Year!’ cupcake toppers that you can print! Our School Year’s Eve party guide is now available!

We have lots of great party games and activities to keep your guests entertained! Included in our party guide, you will find printable ‘school year’s resolution’ sheets to encourage kids to make goals for the school year. We also had them make a school year’s time capsule to see how far they have grown at the end of the year.

Other games include a school box guess, pass the apple, and a ‘ball drop’ pinata! Our complete School Year’s Eve party guide is now available!

Just like a real New Year’s Eve Party, we served guests fun back to school appetizers. We made lots of fun finger foods that kids will love. Our complete School Year’s Eve party guide has all the details, plus a step by step guide to make your own jello jigglers!


Kick off the new school year with a back to school, ‘School Year’s Eve’ party!  Invite party guests over for the afternoon on the last day of summer, which would also be ‘school year’s eve.’ Kids can celebrate the last day of summer as well as get excited for the school year that begins the next day. 

This party combines the festivity and glam of a true New Year’s Eve Party, as well as the fun anticipation for a new year.  Our complete School Year’s Eve party guide has everything you need to throw your very own School Year’s Eve party. Included in the party guide are these customized invitations. Just print and cut to get this party started!

We are super excited to announce our second party guide; a School Year’s Eve party! We will be posting more details next week! The complete party guide is now available here!