We served up lots of yummy, simple finger food at our party that will please both kids and adults. Use the food labels in the printable section of the party guide to label your food. Here is a list of some super simple food that anyone can make. 
The entire Sesame Street party guide is available here!

Elmo’s Pizza

Dorothy’s Goldfish
The Count’s Chocolate Milk
Zoe’s Fruit Kebabs
Cookie’s Monster Cookies
Abby’s Cupcakes
Mr. Noodle’s Pasta Salad
Ernie’s Chips
Bert’s Salsa
Grover’s Goodies
Big Bird’s popcorn
The entire Sesame Street party guide is available here!
These Sesame Street inspired character invitations will get little party guest excited for your child’s party! This unique invitation was created by cutting out each character individually on textured paper and then scanning the images in for a unique, one-of-a-kind invitation. There are 2 invitations per page, and they measure approximately 5” x 7”. Theses customized Sesame Street party invitations are now avaliable as party of our Sesame Street party guide, available here.


Here are the rest of the pictures from our Sesame Street Party! 

The entire Sesame Street inspired party guide is available here! 
Since there were both kids and adults coming this party, I wanted to have favors that both would like. I found these adorable jars filled with play dough from Miss Nibbit for the kids, and filled cellophane bags with organic kettle corn. 
Find more favor ideas and DIY suggestions in our Sesame Street party guide, available here! 

Find more favor ideas and DIY suggestions in our Sesame Street party guide, available here! 
The kids had lots of fun at the puzzle stations. Vintage sesame street puzzles were found on amazon, and I found blank white puzzles at a local craft store. There were also plenty of crayons and paper for coloring. Elmo coloring pages can be found at sesame street. 

Find more game ideas in our complete Sesame Street party guide, available here! 

Food for this party had to be kid and adult friendly. Elmo’s pizza, Dorothy’s goldfish, Snuffle’s truffles, Cookie Monsters monster cookies, cupcakes, chocolate milk and water were more than enough. The sesame street food labels are now available in out etsy shop.

cupcakes and cake pops: Charity’s Cakes
red straws and green paper cups: Hey Yo Yo
water bottle labels: Ry Creation
red cake stands: Home Goods
cake pop tower: Martha Stewart
food labels: Etsy

Elmo’s goldfish, dorothy, came to visit for the party. The kids had a lot of fun talking to her and elmo. While the theme for this party was elmo, I stuck with using red, yellow, green, and blue for decorating. It not only looks classier, but the decorations and supplies could always be used again at a different party. 

birthday banner: etsy
giant balloons: Party City
lamp post sign supplies: Michaels Craft Store