train party: activities

When kids first arrived at the party, we let them each assemble and paint their own wooden train (which we found at Maple Landmark). Set out washable paint and plenty of paint brushes and let kids have fun.  Make sure to do this at the beginning of the party so they have plenty of time to dry before sending them home with the kids. Kids also played ‘Chugga Chugga Whoo-hoo!’ and had a Conductors Race. More party activities and step by step instructions are available in our party guide.

Our complete Train Party Guide is now available in our etsy shop


train party: ticket booth

Create a ticket booth for your little conductor. With just a few supplies and a can of spray paint, this simple project is great for you and the birthday child to put together. Our complete party guide has all the details, and is now available in our etsy shop!

train party: invitations

All aboard! Children will love getting these great invitations in the mail, complete with their own ‘train ticket’ to enter the party. Perfect for a Thomas the Train inspired birthday party, or a ‘real’ train party for older children.

The complete train party guide is now available in our etsy shop!