I designed a simple logo using aspects of nature and elegant fonts. We used this logo on many pieces of the invitation, as well as around the reception.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Here are a few simple ideas to add to your kids table. See all of our ideas from year’s past here.

I was recently featured over at Occasions Magazine. The full article is available here.

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Next week we will have all of the fun details to our latest Elmo’s World Party, along with some fun DIY ideas for your party! Have a great weekend!

Here are more of the pictures from the back to school ‘School Year’s Eve’ party I threw for two of my favorite kids in the world. Enjoy!

This week we are sharing some helpful tips and tricks for your next garage sale! We would love to hear your best advice, too!

6. Refreshments Don’t be afraid to sell water or set up a lemonade stand. If you have kids, this is a great project to keep them busy and teach them about money management. If you decide to just sell water, mark it for $1 and think about donating all of the proceeds to a local charity. We sold freshly baked chocolate chip cookies which were a huge hit!


7. Use cohesive signage Your signs are what will get the most people to your sales. After a few sales, I now only mark signs with ‘SALE’, the hours, and an arrow. If they are all the same color ad size, people will know they are all for the same sale. I found that not putting the house address is a helpful way to not have people show up an hour before the sale begins to sit outside and wait for the doors to open. If the garage door isn’t open yet, they don’t know which house it is.

8. Displays Most stores spend a lot of money on store displays because they help move product. Put some thought into how you display items. Tables are great, but don’t be afraid to use things like bookcases and ladders. I put plastic bins on a ping-pong table and covered them with a blanket to create a tiered display. It helped to break items up and not have everything squeezed together on one table.


9. Sell your creations Are you a crafter? Do you make jewlery, accessories, or have an etsy shop? Try selling some of your own stuff at your garage sale. Set up a separate table with info about what you do. I love when garage sales have new/unique items for sale, along with all of the normal garage sale stuff.


10. Have fun! Your garage sale doesn’t have to be stressful. Have fun with it! Invite friends over to help with different shifts, play music, and get ready to barter! We had fun by placing little notes on different items like ‘I would look great in your house!’ and ‘Buy me!’.


I am a sucker for new fonts, especially when they are free! Here are some of my new favorites that I have been using this summer. Click on the picture to go to the original website to download them. Enjoy!

I have been living in California for the past 2 months working with ‘Not For Sale.’ So far the experience has been incredible and I am excited to be apart of such an amazing organization. They truly believe that slavery can be ended in our lifetime, and I look forward to the day when it is. A few weeks ago ‘Not For Sale’ celebrated their 5th birthday, and I was asked to throw a small party for all the staff. Here are some pics from the party!

One of my favorite shower games is a ‘purse scavenger hunt.’ We divided the shower guests into groups (by table) and told everyone to take out their purse or handbag. Give the host a list of random items you might find in a purse or handbag. As items are called, the first table to bring up that item gets a point. Our list included things like an out of state drivers license, tweezer, credit card that expired in 2014, nickel, family photo, pink iphone case, etc. The table with the most points at the end wins. We gave out small boxes of chocolates to the winning table.

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